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The MIG Real Estate Sales team is truly one of a kind! Each member has a passion for learning, a love of the real estate industry, and a genuine enjoyment of the profession. Each agent brings individual strengths, talents and expertise to the table. Collectively, our team is able to provide unmatched service to our clients. We value your time and will work to exceed your expectations throughout the home-buying/selling process. Contact one of our team members for more information.



Investments in real estate continue to be on the rise and are an attractive investment option for many. Some of our MIG Real Estate agents specialize in working specifically with residential real estate investors/owners. Because of our history in working closely with these real estate investors and property owners who own properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we have familiarized ourselves with this local market in order to able to provide insight and expertise to our clients. Our Realtors are dedicated to educating themselves and our property owners about current trends, market conditions and other residential real estate information as it pertains to residential real estate investment opportunities. We are NOT an investment management company; however, we have captured a niche clientele of people looking for a well-informed, market-specific Realtor to assist them in their real estate investment goals.